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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Before the next match, we cut to the back for Barry Windham, discussing his upcoming AWA World Title match. Windham says he was never given a chance to win the world title in New York and always had to fight four and five men in Atlanta in his world title matches there. He knows Zbysko has no allies here in Florida so it’s going to be a one-on-one match, and he’s walking out of the stadium with the belt.

Back to the ring and out comes Cactus Jack Manson, to the tune of Anthrax’s “Madhouse”. Kevin Sullivan is nowhere to be seen and Jack looks very confused, even having to be helped down to the ring and into it.

Next out to a loud cheer is Scott Hall, with “Tough Enough” by the Fabulous Thunderbirds playing over the stadium speakers. Hall looks focused then spots Missy Hyatt sitting at ringside and gives her a suspicious look.

Start of the match and Hall explodes with power moves and surprising quickness. An atomic drop sends Jack over the top rope and out to the floor, where he wanders around aimlessly yelling for “Kevin”. All of a sudden, Jack somehow refocuses and charges into the ring, surprising Hall with a shoulder block to the gut and a series of punches while on top of him.

Hall manages to counter, blocking a punch and coming back with a series of his own, including the 10 punch count while on the top of Jack in the corner. Jack shrugs them off a few seconds later and regains the advantage with a low blow then a DDT. Gordon is now stunned as Cactus Jack is on the verge of a stunning upset, but Missy Hyatt decides to get involved by climbing up the steps and onto the ring apron.

She delights many in the crowd and gets Jack distracted by raising her skirt and showing quite a bit of thigh. Jack has completely forgotten about Hall, walking toward Missy, but as she goes back down the floor Hall has recovered and he hits the running bulldog. That move excites the crowd and is followed by a big power slam that gets the three count.

Missy jumps back into the ring to congratulate Hall, who doesn’t know she interfered in the match. He starts back up the aisle with Missy behind him and sees the replay on the big screen, with Missy showing Jack a lot of leg to get him distracted. Hall looks very disappointed, shaking his head and we hear him tell Missy “I don’t win like that” as the two exit through the curtain into the back. Jack, meanwhile, can barely get to the back as Gordon says the powerslam may have cracked some ribs.
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