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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, September 24th - #17

Del Rio

(The words "Abort, Retry, Fail?" flash on the big screen. EXCISION's "Brutal" hits)

(A new titontron entrance video plays as The cyberpunk AG Zero appears at the top of the ramp before making his way slowly to the ring)

AG Zero: I tried to igore the voice in my head. That robotic chatter that tells me what to do. What to say. That voice that tells me that it MADE me. That time and space is unraveling. The voice I call CYBERSPACE. It...no, SHE has been moving me for too long, so I took a step back. The last few weeks I thought it was me, alone in my mind. But she's still there. Telling me that the nihilistic underground never sleeps. That chaos is coming. IT LIES! THE CHAOS IS ALREADY HERE! I am no longer your beautiful digital king. I am not the technomancer, the Priest of Mars. I am something more than that. Something...BRUTAL...
Go home, bitheads. The age of the machine is here. The PWA will no longer be a safe place...
For anyone...

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