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Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Hit-Girl View Post
Also daggers don't benefit from any fortify one handed enchantments. Right now my dragonbone sword is over 500 damage and my dagger is only a bit over 100 *with all my one handed gear on*. I rarely use a dagger even for double handed attacks. I usually use a mace and sword or a mace and war axe. The only time I use my dagger *and I used the double damage gloves when doing it so it's like a ridiculous 30x damage* is when I'm bored and decide to go stealth and sneak up on people.

Now that I'm about as badass as I can get sometimes I'll fight a mammoth with my soul dagger just to get it's soul or something but that's about it.
Yeah? :\ I don't think I noticed that. That's even worse! I always enchant my stuff with fortify one handed for the extra huge damage bonus. It's almost sad that you can get more damage via the Enchantment skill than you can from the entire perk tree of any of the weapon skills. >_> But hey, I won't complain. At least they can be combined! Enchantment's the best skill in the game to me. . .enhances everything else.

106 damage on the dagger, right? That's as high as I could get my daedric one. Seems to be capped for some reason, even if I use better smithing potions. :\

Originally Posted by Striker View Post
Destruction is weaker than everything else without the 100% less magicka use. Without it, it just takes too much magicka.
That's why you enchant your gear to have 100% spell cost reduction :P You have to enchant your gear to get the best use out of everything else too, so I don't see why Destruction should be any different. Level 100 enchantment with related perks should be the priority of any build no matter what you're doing. It makes anything you can possibly do better. Easier lockpicking, better sneaking, better pickpocketing, better arrow damage, better 2 handed damage, better 1 handed damage, better blocking, more stamina, lesser magic cost for any school, better armor, better magic resistance, better alchemy, better smithing, etc etc etc. It buffs up everything so I think of enchanting as a neccessity for any character, not a prerequisette for any specific one.

And with said 0% magic cost, it's brutally effective. By far the most powerful magic potential of the last 3 elder scrolls games. At least when you factor that you can do it infinitely. Trust me man, well worth the trouble. Only costs you 3 Destruction perks to get the full lightning damage

Originally Posted by Striker View Post
I have Nightingale armor, full set.

2/5 in sneak, or 3 can't remember.

And 25% Vampire Sneak bonus.

Should I be power attacking or regular swinging?
Few questions:

What's your sneak skill? (If it's 60+ you should be able to sneak up on things in doors, especially in dark caves or ruins. 80+ you should be able to sneak up on people outdoors besides guards who are hard to do anything with. 100 = you can do a lot more.

Are your boots enchanted with muffle? Even with heavy armor, muffle + the muffle perk = very quiet. I believe the "no heavy armor weight while wearing them" perk makes it less noisy too. Not that you're wearing it. Anyway, I never even equip any boots that don't have muffle on them as one of their enchants. Having an extra necklace and ring with sneak bolstering enchantments on them can help too. Enchantment really is a great skill you should invest in.

Anyway, other conditions factor in sneak checks too, such as the light of the area you're in, if guards or other "perceptive" NPCs are near by, and if you're outside or inside (inside and dark being best sneaking conditions).

You shouldn't need any more than 1 "better sneaking" perks, because you can switch your amulet and ring out for tons of better sneaking (+80-90% even without alchemy cheesing) to save yourself 4 perks. Anyway, hope that sheds some light on it, if you still needed info.
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