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Re: The *Memories* Thread

Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
I wish I was a bigger alcoholic, aka Scottish.
's ok Eric, when ASK HIM is staying up at mine in December we'll raise a glass to you, and then we'll make it our goal in life to go to NAME OF TOWN REDACTED FOR THE SAFETY OF THE FORUM and find Andy.

That's assuming Crossface hasn't like died whilst getting a titty fuck or something and that I've not finally decided to test my belief I'm Buzz Lightyear and jump off a building. But by god it'll happen.

Pyro as Smod makes me fucking cringe.

Also another random thing I remembered from the strike, Seb didn't Destiny promise us Wordgames modship?

Holy shit what a prick.

Also I present some minor pickings from CHATLOGS:

booned: I havnt done anything in photoshop in a month
since my wanking hand got fucked

Killswitch: Yo
Craig: Hey
Killswitch: Join DO NOT ADVERTISEforums.com
All the cool kids from WF are there and it's a better place.
Craig: I already have
I think you invited me to join like last month and I forgot
Killswitch: Sorry for bothering you then
Killswitch: I hate being a pain in the ass.
I just saw you in TTT on WF and I thought to myself this man might want to spend his worthy time elsewhere.
WF nowadays is a in a rut of some sort.
Craig:I kinda noticed, any idea what happened? I went away and it looked fine, then I came back a month later and it was a wasteland.
Killswitch: Wrestle Club being made
I bet if we closed down WCF you would see a lot of people go back to WF and it would be active again.
We don't plan on doing that. Just surpassing WF.
Yup, they sure did surpass WF.

I'll go through the rest later, only got the second half of 2009 lying around, and most of that appears to be talking to either Mjuww or Es, might post more snippets though.

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