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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

JAM's Review

For some reason, I really liked this opening segment, it just felt organized and made a lot of sense. You had Cena start us off explaining what would be the main theme of the night then you have RVD come out and question Cena where his head really is. It was just beautifully written. I thought it couldn't get any better but Shane's promo made the segment even better. Quite interested to see how the rest of the night pans out just because of the opening. If there was a way to start the show, this is how it should be done. Really likin' your dialogue for RVD, he sounded good here. Great opening to the show.

Carlito and Dykstra are two of Raw's rising stars so it was good to see them in the ring against one another. Don't know about that clothesline Dykstra landed on Mickie but this was when WWE wasn't PG. But anyway, Torrie seemed to be really good in the ring here, which I doubt she is in real life. But the real story was between Carlito and Dykstra. They put on a good match along with the ladies and I hope they see each other in the ring again soon for the title!

Liking the way that you portray Orton here. Him vs. Jeff Hardy will definitely be a show stealer anytime that it happens. I want to see how creative you get when you have Orton cash in though. Women's wrestling was still pretty good back then and this was no exception. Melina and Natalya are two talented divas so it was good to see them in the ring.

I really like Haas and Benjamin, they've come far from being known at Team Angle to The World's Greatest Tag Team, they may actually live up to that moniker. I would've personally liked to have seen the The Hart Legacy pick up the win since I think they could put on an impressive match with WGTT, but Punk and Dinsmore are good wrestlers as well. Hope we get more tag teams to be honest as the ones you have now don't seem to pose a threat to WGTT. The HBK/Jeff match was beautifully written once again. The exchanges that they had were great but the aftermath was rather interesting. HBK getting in touch with his religious side huh? Had a feeling Orton would make his presence felt and what better way than with an RKO. I'm calling it right now, Hardy/Orton, match of the night for Backlash.

First we had Melina/Natalya, now we have Victoria/Beth? The divas were quite good in this time period huh? Liked the back-and-forth that they had, definitely had some tension there. Certainly think that Mickie retains causing Victoria/Beth to feud while Mickie finds another opponent. Interesting bit we got there in the boardroom. Was good to see Vince baffle a little but in the end, I do think Vince gains the vote. Please, no more Linda.

King of The Ring, always been a good concept and one that I'd like to see brought back. Announcing names for the tournament is a good touch, keeps it exciting. Even Lawler gets himself into the match but nonetheless, should be a good tournament. That HHH/JR video was just wow. It made me think of the way ESPN do their interviews in their show called E:60, pretty good by the way. You captured HHH mannerisms and dialogue really well. I did like you running down how all of this started since I wasn't sure because I haven't read your thread from the beginning. Was hoping we'd get a response from HBK but him appearing to watch it was a nice touch as well. Maybe next week we get a separate interview that JR conducted with HBK? But anyway, this has been the highlight of the night for me just like what cp954 said, really good interview.

Good job showcasing the #1 contenders to the tag team titles. That Doomsday Dropkick is a helluva finisher for the duo who no doubt were going to win this match. Hopefully you don't use RWC as a permanent jobbing duo, they're actually quite decent in the ring.

Postponing the decision, Big Johnny does it again! But anyway, really interesting that you've introduced Johnny as a personality this early and should actually provide some rather good storyline if ever. Him and Vince seem to be in cahoots so it'll be interesting to see what you do with them. Loving this storyline a lot.

Main event was awesome! I just knew Shane would play a factor in all of this and it was nice to see Cena win. Interesting idea that cp954 brought up though. Maybe a triple threat would've done good for Lashley since he definitely has lost steam. Don't know what Lashley will do but now that I think of it, maybe Linda gets herself someone to fight for her and we get another Vince vs. Linda showdown, wouldn't be surprised if you went this way. But the main event was surely a treat.

Overall, a lot of things I liked on this edition of RAW. The exchange between RVD/Cena has been great and they should put on a show at Backlash but I don't see that ending cleanly for some reason. The whole HHH/HBK stuff has been great, really good interview with JR. I change my mind, HHH/HBK for match of the night at Backlash Good job with the episode, now onto Smackdown

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