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Re: Is Bryan the best wrestler at working the crowd since the Rock?

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post
No. The reason they chanted it was because Rock gave them the opportunity to chant it when he asked them if they want to hear his vision or when he said that he's going to be champion again. Not because they're chanting for Bryan.

As for the thread. Not sure if this is sarcastic. Since The Rock means 2004? I can put at least 30 wrestlers who were better in captivating an audience than Bryan. Bryan is a mid card comedy act who the crowd enjoy chanting against, he does a great version of the pitiful, crazy guy character but that's not working a crowd. He's one of the best currently, that's undoubtedly.
Actually, they started Yessing after Rock said "The Rock guaran-damn-tees this is just the beginning!", which of course is partially Rock's doing and partially Bryan's.(It's not like they would've chanted it if Bryan hadn't introduced it because it wasn't a yes/no question)

The rest of the post I sort of agree with. This current era has lowered our standards and made us forget about the past superstars. There were indeed a lot more better crowd controllers, many of which were mentioned in your second post.

The most impressive thing about Bryan is he has achieved the connection to the audience despite today's restricting programming, uninterested audiences and only a marginal push. As stated earlier in this thread, there aren't many better crowd controllers who haven't won more titles than Bryan or at least the WWE championship.

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