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Re: Official Puro Results/Spoilers Discussion Thread (BEWARE OF THE SPOILERS)

9/23/2012 Tokyo, Ota City General Gymnasium ~DANGEROUS GATE 2012~
1. Kenichiro Arai, Kotoka, Chihiro Tominaga, Jimmy Kanda{W} (5:15 Gekokujoh Elbow) K-ness, Super Shisa, Super Shenlong III{L}, Shachihoko BOY
2. Scramble Bunkhouse Whip Match: Gamma, Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa{W}, HUB (9:49 Ina Bauer German) Kzy, Mondai Ryu{L}, Cyber Kong
3. Open the Brave Gate: Dragon Kid (18:39 Ultra Hurricanrana) Masamune
*3rd defense for DK
4. Masato Yoshino{W}, Daichi Hashimoto (14:52 Sol Naciente Kai) Jimmy Susumu{L}, Jimmy Kagetora
5. Open the Triangle Gate contra Tanizaki Naoki: Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk, Naoki Tanisaki{W} (16:50 Night Ride) Naoki Tanizaki{L}, Ryo "Jimmy" Saito, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!
*2nd defense for MB & Naoki Tanizaki loses his name
6. Open the Twin Gate: Masaaki Mochizuki{W}, Don Fujii (24:25 Sankakugeri to the Face) YAMATO{L}, Shingo Takagi
*TakaYAMA fail in their 2nd defense, MochiFujii become the 23rd champion team
7. Open the Dream Gate: CIMA (23:58 Meteora) Naruki Doi
*7th defense for CIMA

Kanda was still in his foul mood from Korakuen. He stormed off instead of celebrating his win. Strangely, so did Kotoka.

Kanda returned after the whip match, attacking Gamma on the ramp.

Tanizaki had Tanisaki pinned with the Implant, but the referee was pulled out at two. Tozawa hit him with a chair, and he never recovered.

Tanisaki said that the win proved once and for all who the true Naoki was. He taunted Tanizaki, who was naturally upset & crying. Tanizaki accepted the loss, and was fine with continuing on as Jimmy Tanizaki. However, the win gave Tanisaki the right to pick his new ring name. He wasn't going to let him off that easy. Tanizaki and his crying reminds him of a dolphin. Then, he thought of the sound a dolphin makes when it cries. It sounds like kyu kyu. Tanizaki is from Toyonaka. So therefore, the name he chose for him is....Mister Kyu Kyu Toyonaka Dolphin. Really.

Doi hit the Muscular Bomb in the late stages, but the accumulated damage from the match prevented him from covering. CIMA was able to recover and eventually win, once again preventing a generation shift.

Afterwards, CIMA thanked Doi for the good fight and went to shake his hand. MAD BLANKEY interrupted. Tanisaki went to give CIMA the Night Ride but it got blocked by Mochizuki. Tanisaki asked for a title match, but CIMA flatly refused it. No titles shots without first winning a CIMA Royale. Tanisaki insisted CIMA was ducking the man that has beaten CIMA, Fujii, Mochizuki, & Yoshino in the last few weeks. He wasn't going to let him out of fighting him. CIMA accepted a singles match for the next Korakuen. Tanisaki added his own rules to it, since the title would not be on the line. So, set for 10/12 in Korakuen is CIMA vs. Tanisaki in a Lumberjack match.

Gamma called out Kanda. He was taking him up on his request for a Jimmys vs. Veteran Army war in Korakuen. It will be Mochizuki, Fujii, & Gamma vs. Kanda, Saito, & Susumu.

CIMA closed out the show with his standard long speech. He praised all the competitors on the show, asked the Tokyo fans if they were pleased with the Dragon Gate return to Ota, and thanked all who attended.
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