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Re: Election Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
right here big boy, fair warning though, its a bit of a read
It was indeed a delightful read, albeit pointless considering that nowhere in any of the articles did it mention anything pertaining to the government cost benefits to initiating a citizens healthcare. Maybe you thought that I'd just look at the massive wall of text, most of which is simply resources for about 8 to 10 short articles, and bounce out, conceding defeat like I had just gotten the score run up on me in a game of Madden?

Below, I've broken down my thoughts on each interesting article in the .pdf you posted. I am indeed glad that I read it.

This section did open my eyes to the plight of many homeless people, about 1/5th of which are veterans of service to this country. As claimed in my posts in the Romney thread, anyone who has contributed to this country is deserving of healthcare should it be instituted; namely veterans. The government is still shitting on Vietnam veterans with neurological damage from Agent Orange and there is no excuse for this.

Outpatient Commitment: A Treatment Tool for the Mentally Ill?
A story about a homeless, schizophrenic veteran in Cleveland. Nothing here to back up your claim

A Mother and Infant with No Home
A story about a doctor's conflict of a homeless woman with a newborn. This has to do with low-income HUD housing more than government subsidized medical programs. Nothing here to back up your claim.

Hospital Resources: A Practical Treatment Plan for Homeless Patients
A story about a drunk homeless guy who feigns illness to receive handouts via the hospital and abuses emergency assets like 911, leaving at least $1k in uncompensated care every time he does so. Maybe we should give everyone a place to live AND free Medicare? LMAO. It does go on to state the homeless alcoholics (can anyone tell me what is wrong with that statement?) in San Diego amass $17 million in uncompensated malingering claims a year. In Washington, 198 of the 130,000 adults that used said hospital accounted for 20% of the expenditure. It does not specify whether or not these people were homeless and it doesn't matter. If anything, 198 out of the 130,000 people using 20% of the government funding bodes ill to your claim. Do you think they'll stop when it's free for everyone? That is a fucking mind blowing number. Fucking insane. I tried to visit one of the links in the reference to this one, but alas, not valid.

DEFINITELY nothing to back up your claim. DEFINITELY nothing.

Resources and Responsibility
This guy would fall under "had become too disabled to work" under my previous posts and would become afforded government assistance. However, another homeless alcoholic...what's the theme here again?

Everything from that point on is a doctor's ethics discussion between professionals. Nowhere in this "big boy" link did you provide anything to back up your claim that it would be more cost beneficial for the government to provide healthcare to all of its citizens. This was simply a medical journal issue about medical ethics, not generalizing all homeless people as abusers of the system and care for the homeless during sickness and after death.

and criticism without action makes you just as responsible for america going doing the toilet as the men destroying. by withholding your right to choose, youre basically refusing to take responsibility, however marginal
Eh, I can kind of agree with you here. The type of action you are getting at will not change anything, however. It'll take hoards of violent, pissed off people going after the bureaucrats ala the French Revolution before we see a needed change in this country. Massive "peaceful protests" like the "OCCUPY" movement won't accomplish anything. I suppose that is not the type of activism you were hoping for?

And who said I'm withholding my right to choose?

now i dont give two shits about america, for obvious reasons, but a lot of people would kill to have what you have. and they do. because however small the difference is, you can make it. , in a democracy your role as a patriot is to defend it by casting your vote or making your voice heard in a another way
THIS. Fucking this exactly. This is America. We are afforded many freedoms and this is indeed the land of opportunity. There is no excuse for people to abuse the system because THEY CAN MAKE IT, TOO. They just don't want to.

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