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Re: Avatar Univers Mafia- game thread

Originally Posted by chr1st0 View Post
Fitz you're terrible.

Tat why so concerned about the people voting for Anark?
My quoting and questioning them had nothing to do with the person they voted for, they could have voted for anyone, they happened to both vote for Anark, but rather for their justification for the vote since the reasoning was poor or didn't make sense to me in both cases.

Originally Posted by dan the marino View Post
I agree with her because I think Fitz is a decent day 1 claim. As scum he can slip under the radar, and as town he's been skeevy lately (I think he fake claimed info last game). The rest of that I just meant I thought he was scum in Jigsaw even though he wound up being town so I can usually go either way on him anyway.

Plus I don't see the point in claiming role but not character and flavor.

Though his reaction does make me think he's town. Even if he's pointlessly putting up a fight over nothing.
If that's the case why haven't you unvoted him?

Originally Posted by Lord Kratos View Post
That's what I was thinking too maybe he knows something about him we don't. They could both be mafia or Individual. My vote remains the same for now.
I'm not a guy and I'll restrain myself from calling you a dumb ass since I've grown tired of this crap, esp. in the mafia section.

Originally Posted by sXe_Maverick View Post
Vote: Ziggler_Mark

Surely you can't be that bad, right?
Oh the irony, lol.

Originally Posted by DocBlue View Post
Your wagon is garbage. Therefore you are garbage. 1 and a half hours until Day though so there's still time gogogogo. When I get one from hammer i'll claim role but not character/flavour since we don't do that anymore.

If at any point Fitz does indeed flip scum then it should go without saying that Magic is scum with him.
I don't know what to make of you, Doc.

umm..."Up where they walk, up where they talk, up where they stay all day in the sun...wish I could be, part of that world." Doc doesn't like Magic farting all over him. i think doc thinks magic is a booger face!

Doc, if you're town, you will fully claim before getting hammered. If you're claim is believable and makes sense, then people will unlynch. It doesn't matter that you don't have a power role. It's actually a good thing if you're town so that doesn't get exposed.
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