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Re: Election Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by ChainGangRed View Post
I am not sure if you are well educated in what is currently going on...Syria is having a rebellion at the moment which is currently being backed up by America and NATO as a whole. The Syrian regime is recognized by Iran and Russia as a sovereign state. Russian leaders have repeatedly warned Obama that if America and NATO continue to support the rebellion, war is very likely. America and NATO still support the rebel forces in Syria. Now if that seems like our President is worried about going to war with Russia then I don't know what else would make it seem like he isn't.
i'm fully aware of the situation w/ Syria and Russia. however where has Obama openly blasted Russia or Putin? he's clearly not interested in it and has remained silent. meanwhile Romney openly blasted Putin and Russia. that's what i'd call antagonizing and asking for a war.

Also I don't think either support capitalism or democracy. If by supporting capitalism you mean my statements of them being crony capitalists then I need to tell you that crony capitalism is the use of government agencies to support businesses to improve the economy.
yeah that's what i meant.

Actual capitalism would be about free markets not favoritism and lobbying.
we're never going to have completely free markets in this country. so i'm not going to get into that. favoritism has been going on since the days of political bosses and that isn't going to change either. the same favoritism also goes on at local and state levels so local isn't the answer to all the problems either. as for the lobbying, corporatism needs to be done away with in my opinion, but again that's not going to happen in this country unless something is done about campaign contributions, period. it doesn't matter if both parties imploded tomorrow.

As for democracy, I think my whole past few votes show that I don't think either is really democratic. Though if you mean me saying they want to spread democracy, then yes, I am not entirely sure that is their real goal. I think it is more likely they want allies in specific parts of the world to maintain control in those areas.
disagree with this. Obama clearly supported the freedom of democracy considering he supported these rebel groups overthrowing EXISTING allies. personally i think that was the wrong move though b/c it just created a power vacuum in the countries.

I don't really think Obamacare is going to do what we are told it will do. If you looked at when it was passed, the people who supported it basically said it was just more money to special interest groups.

i know you're cynical and will just write me off as a sheep for that but w.e

I'm sure McCain would of coward under political pressure to remove some of the troops from Iraq, though that is one area where I see it possibly may have been worse under McCain.
i agree he would've probably pulled some too, but not the extent of Obama.

again i completely admit i'm voting for the lesser of two evils, but i refuse to believe that there isn't a lesser of two evils. if neither appeals to you that's fine, but to say they're the same is a big generalization.

i think the two party system is ruining American politics because it is TOO polarized. nothing gets done b/c politicians are too worried about the next primary and staying in office to ever cross the party lines. big business/special interests hold too much power and something should be done about it, but again there are still big enough differences between the two parties that i don't think you can really call the the same. you can say they're both shit and that's fine, but they're not the same.


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