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Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread

Depends on what weapon you have, Striker. Do you have the invisibility spell? What I liked to do *and this is probably more advanced than you are at this point* is hit any hostile with a calm spell and sneak up behind them and slit their throat. Or just go invisible and wait it out and then sneak up. But if I had to do battle I'd always used a sword and shield. You may not carry a shield though. But make some fortify one handed potions and potion of slow and/or paralyze and attack with your sword/mace/war axe whichever you prefer. Of if you like two handed make fortify two handed potions with the potion of slow and/or paralyze. Use every little trick you can like that. Potion of paralyze is fantastic.

Also if you want you can make some invisibility potions with Chorus Egg, Lavender and Nirnroot OR Nirnroot, Garlic and Luna Moth Wing. Remember though if you attack the potion is finished and you're visible again. Those are good for retreating or sneaking up on someone while they are hostile. The potion lasts for 30 seconds I think.

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