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Re: The best and worst of the people who have joined before 2011?

puggle is dead
sheik is in the business
GD is still around sometimes
hardly ever see shirley
rawlin is in retirement.

we're the last of a dying breed

Originally Posted by Theproof View Post
It's time for the greatest rant of all time. It's time that somebody pointed out the group of stooges and just flat out annoying son of a bitches roaming this site infesting it with their bull shit posts everyday. And all of you know who you are.

Rawlin, Scrilla, Shirly Crabtree, Puggle, GD, these are just five members of the large stooge clan that I can remember off the top of my head that I truly can't stand. I know I left off a bunch of you stooges and I wholeheartedly apologize for not including you in this thread to be bashed along with your fellow bed mates. Rest assured that I have not forgotten any of you and just to assure you that you are all on the same level as these five douchebags I'd like to give you all one of these as a way to compensate for not mentioning you in this thread.

I will now move on to pointing out why these five guys are and will forever be the biggest douchebags stooges on WF in hopes of opening the eyes of all the posters on this site before they accomplish their job of building their stooge empire big enough to take over this site. They are a cancer and the more people who find this out the better this site will be in the future. Join in and fight the good fight against the evil stooges.

Rawlin-This guy is one of the biggest jokes on this site. He shares one of the most common traits among stooges which is hating on everything TNA. Every time I see this guys posts he's bashing the TNA section which is funny as hell because he even goes out of his way to defend the WWE section, the biggest joke of a forum on this site. Sure, like all of the other stooges, he goes around pretending that he is a "real wrestling fan" and even goes in the TNA section and once in a while comments on TNA in a positive manner whenever people start to figure out he is a WWE sheep in disguise. Be warned, he will do this to throw you off of his trail. He is a stooge through and through and is a big reason why the stooge population on this site has grown into the huge numbers that it has today.

Scrilla-You might have been insulted by him for liking TNA, you might have seen him make fun of a death in the family of a wrestler, Scrilla who is very similar to Rawlin, is another huge spreader of stoogeonism. This guy out of all the stooges is the most skilled in the art of TNA bashing. He will try to bash TNA any chance he gets and often looks retarded because most of the time what he posts to bash TNA doesn't make any sense. He said that TNA's "Reaction" show was a ripoff of the old ECW promo's. Really Scrilla? That makes no fucking sense when you look at how those promo's where done. Even if they are ripoffs, Reaction is not just about one on one promo's if you've actually watched the damn show. Let's not even mention the failed rant he had that didn't even reach four pages but like usual the stooge clan stood up for him and claimed that his shit rant was good. This guy should be considered very dangerous because he will go as far as it takes to gain new members for the stooge clan.

Shirly Crabtree-People laughed at me when the mod changed my username to "ThePoof", well this guy has the worst username out of anybody in on this site. What where you smoking thinking about that name? He shares the most common traits out of the usual stooge, TNA bashing, bashing in packs with fellow stooges, mod cocksucking, ect. But this guy is a little different. He loves Ring Of Honor but somehow feels obligated to bash TNA nonstop. Nuff said about this douche.

GD-Nothing worse than Jersey Shore marks. Nuff said here as well.

-The worst fucking gimmick poster since "Nola King". This gimmick is tired and fucking stupid. At least Nola King made me laugh once in a while. You just try too hard to be funny but you have 0 entertainment value. This guy is the least dangerous of the five stooges I listed because he is just so damn unfunny and un-clever that he is almost considered harmless.

Honorable mentions: Wrestling>Cena(Leader of the WWE defense force)As of 11:54 PM is now a full fledged Stooge And Perro(just fucking annoying)

Be warned fellow WF posters, the stooges are guaranteed to flock in here and bash me and anybody who agrees with me. Do not laugh at their lame jokes or stupid gimmick posts because that will just further increase their confidence and aid them in building the stooge empire. Fight the good fight and don't let these bastards win.


i guess dub was a stooge


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