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Re: Is Bryan the best wrestler at working the crowd since the Rock?

Originally Posted by ogorodnikov View Post
he's not anywhere close to the Rock in terms of working the crowd. what are you talking about? what was wrong with what i said? do you actually need me to specify what i meant, even though i was replying to the topic DIRECTLY? hahaha, good lord. talk about a sad, pathetic reach.

it's obvious what i meant. regardless, it's still a matter of Bryan fans overrating the fuck out of Bryan. the fact that you're so upset and you constantly follow me and fail so miserably at ever saying anything of merit in response shows how upset you are. so yes, keep bringing in more proof as to why Bryan fans are insufferable, you're doing a good job so far.

no, he's a midcarder because he's... on the midcard.

the fact that you have even a sliver of hope that he won't be a midcarder over Sheamus, who they value SO dearly, is fucking hilarious.

another devastating fail, stay upset.
the last years of the rock in the wwe had him getting booed like crazy even though he was the babyface just like cena is now. people don't like that corny ass 1980's/early 90's hulk hogan shit anymore. i remember watching and being sick and tired of watching the rock come out and win all the time with his set of power moves. still to this day can't do the fucking scorpion deathlock/sharpshooter properly. how do you wrestle for that many years and still fuck up a signature move? no different than cena fucking up the stf every time he does it. rarely does he have his arms under his opponents neck or if it's across his face does he pull back to make it like a cross-face. he just lays his arms across the face and acts like he's pulling back as hard as he can with a strained facial expression. cena is such a wrestling hack.

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