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re: R&B Thread

Listening to instrumentals on repeat tonight. Blue light in the room for the win:

Originally Posted by sjones8 View Post
You have to remember Dru Hill was carrying the flag for the 90s groups when Boyz II Men and Jodeci were long gone and the rest of the groups were barely hanging on. But, you're right about one thing. Dru Hill and Sisqo fell off in a matter of two years-mostly due to Sisqo's overexposure and that flopped second solo album that damn near killed all his momentum.

And let's not forget about this:

I still can't believe that mess was aired out like that in public.

But you could always tell that Sisqo wanted to be the star way before he broke out. I couldn't stand him back in the day. It seemed like he tried his best to steal the spotlight.
Originally Posted by LBGetBack View Post
I want to discuss Boyz II Men's "later career"that 97-2002 period where they supposedly fell off but were still an active group and not a nostalgia act(more on that in a minute), later meaning after their first two albums where they were arguably the biggest musical act in the world.

I know Evolution is generally considered a "disappointment" as it didn't sell like the first two and has always gotten mixed reviews.......but I loved that album, then and now. To me, they were vocally at their best on that. 4 Seasons of Lonliness, Doin' Just Fine, Never....they killed those. The cover of Can You Stand the Rain was amazing, A Song for Mama.....love those. And I always regarded "Girl in the Life Magazine" as a tongue in cheek, let's sing something ridiculous like we're dead serious and make it sound damn good too. Maybe they actually were dead serious, which would be very corny......but vocally, that song sounds great.

Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya was a bit uneven, but there are some great songs there too like Thank You In Advance and I Do.

And I really loved Full Circle, I thought that album was outstanding and one of their best. That's Why I Love You, Lovin You, that interlude(forget the name) starts with "Tonight will be different....", Oh Well, On The Road Again, Right On Time......that album was outstanding to me.

To me, there was NO FALLOFF in that period, they were still a great group. It's just that R&B groups weren't really hitting anymore like they were in the early-mid 90's. The fans were on some wack shit then, lots of flavor of the month B2K bullshit, the pop boy band craze, etc. But Boyz II Men were still doing their thing, making good-great R&B music.

Now they made a big career mis-step by turning themselves into a nostalgia act by making all those albums singing other people's hits and re-recording their old hits and all that......that's for groups where guys are in their 50's and shit to do, these guys were only in their 30's. Maybe ithey felt it was better financially to do that than making new albums, who knows. But to me, it presented them as a way older group than they actually were, and was a mis-step. I know they've put a few new albums of original material out since, that I haven't checked and need to at some point. Mike leaving hurt too.
That's pretty much what happened to them. It was all about the latest dance step or hottest beat. They probably figured they wouldn't sell anything if they recorded original content because their style didn't match well with mainstream so they decided to re-do others for a change of pace.

What was the reason for Mike leaving? I can't remember.

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