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Re: Election Discussion Thread

Obama clearly doesn't support a war with Russia. saying that they're the same is a huge generalization. yes both support democracy and capitalism. yes they might not support your or my obscure political policy opinions. there are still clear differences in the candidates. do you really think "obamacare" would exist if McCain had been elected? do you really think McCain would've pulled troops out of Iraq to the same extent Obama has? yes I'm aware there are still troops there, but it's a dramatically smaller number than it was before. presidents are always going to be pretty moderate especially in their first term, but to say they're both the same is again a HUGE generalization.

there are plenty of things Obama has done that I don't support, but I'm not going to say we'd be better off or "exactly the same" with a Republican president. at least not with the modern day candidates and Republican party.

it doesn't really matter who I vote for though literally b/c I live in California and Obama is gonna win here anyway. the entire electoral college should be done away with imo, but that's another story altogether.


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