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Re: Election Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by scrilla View Post
lol you can say they're capitalist cronies, but one of them wants to go to war with Iran and Russia and the other doesn't. i'd say that's p. big difference.
It is all is all rhetorical usage to sway voters. When push comes to shove, Democrats and Republicans have historically had similar approaches in foreign policy. Both support the spread of democracy (George W. Bush with the War on Terror, Barack Obama with the American backing of the Arab Spring and the opposition to Assad.) They both will always support Israel over Palestine in that conflict. We are still in Iraq, we are still in Afghanistan, we are still supporting terrorist groups to overthrow governments. The likeliness of going to war with Iran and Russia is the same with both parties. Romeny will support it if it is in the banks best interest to go to war with them or if it becomes inevitable and Obama will do the same.

Also going to war with Iran and Russia doesn't make or not make someone a capitalist crony, though the reasons they'd both do it would be the same. If you need proof they are both capitalist cronies, look at who financially backs the parties (same people) and look at their policies (using the government to invest and backup businesses).

Also for the people who think if Libertarians take over the Republican Party all of a sudden the world will be better, you seem to still be falling into the same trap as the statists. The formal institutions of the government being ran by Libertarians won't mean anything if you aren't actually taking action to help the local community because soon enough the Statist group will rise to power again because problems aren't getting fixed still. Also you don't have to worry about Romney winning, it isn't happening for multiple reasons unless Obama destroys his public image.

So what political system do I favor? Really it doesn't matter to me whether it is federalist, confederate, a monarchy, or any other system. As long as it was a system that treated people as though they had agency (a creature with free will who is free to make choices).

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