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Re: Election Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by GlassBreaks View Post
We're not proposing anything, and are not required to do so.

Therefore, you can take your tongue-in-cheek posts about activism on a discussion forum and find something to do with them. I was merely commenting on someone who shared the same thoughts as I do.

Still waiting for my official government statistic backing of your healthcare claim, by the way.
right here big boy, fair warning though, its a bit of a read


and criticism without action makes you just as responsible for america going doing the toilet as the men destroying. by withholding your right to choose, youre basically refusing to take responsibility, however marginal

now i dont give two shits about america, for obvious reasons, but a lot of people would kill to have what you have. and they do. because however small the difference is, you can make it. , in a democracy your role as a patriot is to defend it by casting your vote or making your voice heard in a another way

Originally Posted by ChainGangRed View Post
Through charitable actions and the way I spend my money. Volunteering and supporting local businesses I believe is a good start for some actual grassroots change. I tend to agree with Alexis de Tocqueville in saying that volunteerism and community is needed to maintain political freedom, otherwise politicians take power and it all turns communities against each other. I don't really have hope for the future of our country though because people don't know how to maintain political freedom in a productive manner these days and Americans hate violence so I highly doubt they'll use that to maintain it either.

To me democracy is more about political freedom than voting. Voting tends to take away political freedom in my opinion, though the purpose of it was to make sure there were always leaders that kept it.

thats reasonable. what political system do you favour then?

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