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Re: The best and worst of the people who have joined before 2011?

Originally Posted by shutupchico View Post
he just did that to further your e feud though i'm sure. u can't tell me a part of u wasn't happy he sent that anyway because it gave u ammo. if it bothered u so much u would've stopped it right there, and tried to get him banned or something. if i recall correctly both of u took it off the forum, and pushed the envelope, but whatever, it was entertaining... it's not like there was gonna be any real blood shed, u both enjoyed it. st, u told someone u didn't care that there relative was gonna die of cancer. c'mon man, that's a heel comment to the fullest. when u say that u gotta have thick skin, and be ready for anything in return. he should have ended it there though, the brute comment took it too far(even though he was just trying to prove a point)

At that time, I wasn't even 'feuding' with him much. He was actually the one who had a huge problem with me. He sent that because he takes the internet seriously, and that is pathetic. I also don't need, nor look, for 'ammo'.

Also...LMAO at anyone who reports shit that happens off a forum. I am not going to PM a mod and ask for someone to be banned because they did something to me away from the forum, that is just fucking stupid. People are free to do what they want outside of the forum walls. It was his choice to be stupid and take the time to send an e-card at random.

I am kinda lol'ing at how people think I love to argue all the time. I find it fun, I don't take it very seriously (no one should, really), and I would politely talk to every single person I have flamed here if they decided they wanted to have a conversation with me.

I have had many friendly conversations with Cerbs before, but once shit happens in rants, he takes it personally and will hate on you until you say something nice to him one day. People like that should really stay off the internet.

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