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Re: This thread is for Americans who support Mitt Romney

i know plenty of white dudes gaming the system. also know people that would legitimately be homeless w/o it. it doesn't matter anyway b/c there are other things bankrupting this country. welfare reform won't fix shit.

No, because I don't think it should be provided at all, thus rendering any type of government assistance for those who abuse the system null and void. I think it should be provided to working American citizens and working American citizens only (example exceptions mentioned in last post) or no one at all.

If welfare families that have been draining the government via food stamps, welfare, health care, EBT cards, etc. since welfare became legal and they were enabled to take advantage of the tax system under FDR were cut off from my taxes paying for their super bass car stereo and rims for their hoopties, we just might have Social Security by the time I'm supposed to collect AND HAVE WORKED ALL OF MY LIFE TO PAY INTO IT.

It's a God damned shame that some hood rat with 10 kids has more government provided health benefits than I do despite not paying for insurance - and I'm a veteran.

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