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Re: Election Discussion Thread

Well Romney insulted 47% of the country in such a stupid way, it feels like a bad movie cliche (try to imagine the evil boss admitting his plan while his hand is on the button that activates the speaker system. Yeah, that level of stupid) and Obama once again lives up to the "American Idol Candidate" label that I gave him four years ago by opting to go to a fundraiser with Beyoonce instead of doing his job and trying to handle a very serious international crisis.

And these are our two options...


Seriously, we are in Ford Vs. Carter level of bad here. Punch to the head or kick to the gut. Which do you want? That is basically what the Rs & Ds are asking us.

Fuck this shit. I am officially switching to the Libertarian party. Yeah, I'll join the more radical party. They might be a little crazy, but at the very least, I can say that the Libertarians & The Green Party as well actually believe in something rather than just the bullshit propaganda that the other idiots feed to us and expect us to swallow on a daily basis.

So yeah, good going Obama & Romney. I look forward to the eventual winner fucking us over even more and leaving us in a worse mess after four years. I might even move to another country just so I can sit back and laugh at you while the country continues to implode on itself.


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