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Re: The *Memories* Thread

  • The old AYT when I first joined with guys like Seb, Sticksy, Coptafeel, Stratus, TheSoulTaker, REZ, 2Slick, Killswitch, DareDevil Jeff, 619, etc
  • The brief TTT vs AYT feud and silly nonsense
  • The staff strike and the silliness that ensued
  • Unlimited rep weekend and the silliness ensued
  • JOY~!
  • Craig and his high school sluts
  • vivalabrave
  • The old days when Other Wrestling and the WWE DVD Thread weren't shit
  • TDL's brief run on here which led to 101 being humbled
  • The 101 era and it's tragic but not really so tragic end
  • Monty and K's WWF
  • Monty and his stories
  • The GFX Help Team and their pretty colours
  • The GFX PPV
  • When the GFX section was full of great artists
  • Rajah getting pissy at Diesel for only coming back to request a banner to use elsewhere
  • The David/Hannah saga sending David to the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels
  • Phil Tuffnell turning up to save Seb from WF Prison
  • KIF being a tool re: Aussie and being exiled
  • Aussie
  • DPETE paying for rep
  • DPETE buying the same :bolt shirt I have when I posted a pic of it
  • Seb/Certs GOAT GFX Shop
  • Doddsy family wrestling each other in their backyard
  • That time Caligula got let back only to get himself banned again
  • The days when Killswitch was sound before he went off
  • Near and NAS buying everyone memberships
  • The GOAT feature - BLOGS
  • Alumni worth remembering like Diesel, Role Model, bruteshot74 (), AMPLine4Life, MrMonty, Bubba T, Aussie and more I'm forgetting
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