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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

HHH/Taker is without a doubt the best live match experience I've ever had. Orton mentions it in one of the little video packages they did afterwards, about how the crowd was just that little bit different for the HIAC and he's spot on. From start to finish there was just a real and tangible buzz around the stadium. You could actually feel it. Don't get me wrong, Rock/Cena had a great atmosphere too and the finishing stretch was insanity (legit thought there was going to be a mass riot when Cena started the people's elbow lol) but the HIAC, I can't even describe it lol. You just had to be there.

As a live experience, Punk/Jericho pretty much sucked tbh because everybody was still recovering from the HIAC. That alone should tell you how draining HHH/Taker was. It took the entire HOF thing, the GM tag match and then practically all of Jericho/Punk for the fans to get their energy back lol. I had to watch the match over again because I honestly had no fucking clue what was even happening for the most part as I was still dead.

Rock/Cena as a live experience was unreal. As a match just watching back on DVD, it doesn't really capture the magic as much as being in the stadium did imo. The HIAC holds up just fine though and as a live experience, like I said, I've never been so on edge during a WWE event before. It was just crazy.
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