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Re: The *Memories* Thread


“From The Nameless”
I’m writing this letter
Even though it won’t make things better
Just read it baby
This is for you pretty lady

You’re incredible
Completely unforgettable
Gorgeous beyond distinction
Humble before redemption
And I’m definitely out of your contention
It’s not because of our tension
Or because of our conceptions
It’s because you’re already taken
It’s because you’re no longer vacant

It doesn’t change the facts though
That I’m still on your tracks bro
I can’t keep you off my mind
You come up all the time
If you don’t think that’s the truth
That’s because you couldn’t honestly give a hoot

But we both know that’s not the case
Because we both know your place
Try to wrap your head around the truth
Are you getting it?
Or are you trying your hand at forgetting it?

I know you see me
I can see it in your eyes
You believe me
But you’re too busy for this
You’re too busy for me
You’re trying to fight the test of time
But I’m still under the impression you’ll eventually be mine

That’s what this letter’s all about
Telling you the truth before you’re down for the count
Just read and try to remember
How we met on a cold day in December
I’m leaving this nameless
Because it’s stainless

I’m leaving this nameless though
You don’t need my name
Because you know it well
You don’t need my name
Because it never changes, it’s always the same

I know I’m not your boyfriend
But I’m just trying to make amends
All of this just depends
On what you’re heart says

Are you gonna date me
Are you gonna hate me
Are you gonna love me
Are you gonna hug me

I’m just looking for some answers
Because you’re just not another dancer
Try to remember these words
Because they might one of the last things ever heard
I wish I could see your face
When you find out how these words taste

School has come and gone
And we still get along
Even though you broke things off
I still wish I knew why you’re skins so soft
Even though things never came together
I wish I could look at your pictures forever

This isn’t a regular crush
Or stupid feelings of lust
I just know it’s a must
To mention Papa John’s pizza crust
Maybe I just gave myself away
But I don’t care, because without an answer it’s the end of days

I’ve left this nameless
But it won’t go on stainless
Tears stream down my face
Because I know you’re boyfriend won’t be replaced

Now it’s time to tell the truth
I wish I could hold you
Now it’s time to tell the truth
I wish I could console you
Now it’s time to tell the truth
I’m in love with you pretty lady
Now it’s time to tell the truth
I love you Danielle baby

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