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Re: The *Memories* Thread

Great thread.

I'm not in the list of cool cats allowed to post, but I'll throw some shit around like the out of control animal that I am.

Monty, obvs. What a guy. He took a video on his phone where he sang The Proclaimers and then asked a drunk lady to expose herself, and he dedicated that shit to me. I so badly wish I still had that PM. He might've posted it in the TTT thread at the time as well, but I have no access to those old threads and they were about 6 million pages long, anyways. So I guess it's lost to the wind, but still, that's the best gift I've ever received.

Role Model. I've made about 10 threads in total in the time I've been here and I'd guess at least two of them were inspired by him. I miss taking over threads with him to talk about Ribena and how life is treating us. We were like a pair of old dogs that've been chasing fake rabbits for far too long. I also appreciated that people would just leave us to it and wouldn't complain about us derailing a thread (even though they were shit, anyway) with our old man speak. I'd like to think Headliner would've banned any sack a shit for complaining about it, and for that he has my gratitude.

Craig and I being a pair of alcoholic degenerate scumbags. In general.

Where in the mother of fuck did Super Delfin go to? That dude was the shit. He always used to be high and I'd be hammered and we'd talk about Abdullah the Butcher. He also had some crazy fucked up avatar with a small-handed Chinese lady with fucked up eyes (well, fucked up on top of the fact they were already fucked up to begin with on account of her being Chinese). I used to stare at it until it gave me motion sickness and I threw up.

i$e. If I was driving through Nottingham and I saw you I'd tip my shades to you (they're Oakleys). I would not do that for many people. I've got about 6 good years left in me before I'm at death's door, and I'll give you a shout out on my deathbed before I thank my old man for making me what I am. That motherfucker wants me to be his best man for his eighth or ninth wedding next year. I have enough faith in you to know that you would never ask such a thing of me. I will wear a kilt and piss on a buffet table. I will ride naked down the aisle on a unicycle. I will bring a walrus to a wedding as my plus one (not a metaphor for a fat person - I mean an actual walrus). I will do all of those things if you ask them of me. But do not ask me to be a best man. I know you would not do that to me. I cannot thank you enough for that.

I'm genuinely gutted that the AMP/Rush/Brute/McQueen/myself trip to Vegas for UFC 100 never happened. Of course it was never going to anyway, but I wish it did.

Originally Posted by i$e View Post
~ When Andy3000 used to talk about strippers, coke and bruce springsteen on a regular basis
I miss that guy. Those were such simple times. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel then. I at least figured I'd stop being what I was before I realised it was too late.

I don't see that light anymore...

Originally Posted by Seb View Post
When myself and STUFF revived the dead GFX section with our Paint thread (made the section mods MAD)
Killswitch 4 Smod
Interactions with a drunk Andy 3000.
JM banning me for asking what else there is to do in Pakistan besides terrorism, Bin Laden found in Pakistan during my ban.
Austin 101 having a mental breakdown over Wrestler of the Year 1997
Austin 101 having a mental breakdown over Savage not being inducted into the HoF.
Austin 101's ratings list of over 700 matches, including matches that were from before he was born that were never aired.
Austin 101 telling LOU BALLER to jump off a cliff for rating a Foley match too low.
Austin 101 saying Nancy Benoit deserved to die because she might have been planning something worse.
Austin 101 saying he's been laid 4 times (not bad for 22).
Austin 101 writing a 100 page blog on a Stone Cold DVD in the dead Blog section.
Austin 101 making a 2 sentence entry in the debate league, then being trashed by i$e.
Austin 101 on suicide watch.
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