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Re: Election Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Hawkeye81 View Post
Can I ask a question to you?

I get the impression that a lot of people will vote for Romney only because Obama did such a bad job the last 4 years.

I find this suprising, because Obama had to follow Bush. He gets criticized for a lot of things Bush did not Obama.
Also the Senate is republican so everything Obama comes up with (health care plans) gets shot down, and then you complain that he did nothing for you the last 4 years. Isn't that a little bit hypocritical?

I am not a US citizen, I'm from Europe. But always have been interested in US elections, the dynamics I find them fascinating.
-Obama had a majority in congress for 2 years. 2 years and he still got nothing done, in fact the only budget he even tried to pass was shot down immidiattely.
-Obama has not even passed a budget yet, so in other words, he hasn't tried to do anything about our debt or spending. Now, he wants to gut the military while stealing nearly a trillion dollars in taxpayer money to pay for "Obamacare",
-Obama also gets credit for a lot of things Bush was doing well. Obama got the troops out of Iraq on the same exat timeline Bush said he would and he used the same exact plan to "save" the auto industry. So even though Obama hasn't even tried to right Bush's wrongs, those 2 things balance it out anyway.

Add in to this 6 trillion in debt, higher unemployment, 3x more Americans on food stamps, etc. and I think we have good reason to vote against Obama.

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