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Re: Hug it out for 40 minutes

Originally Posted by Oxitron View Post
What are you on about?
That some people are easily entertained, did Kane and Daniel Bryan's singles matches on smackdown really do anything for them? Those matches were pretty much the equivilent of padding, both cost each others match, I think everyone gets the premise, they don't like each other however have to work with each other. I just get the feeling that milking these two will just burn everyone out on them, could be wrong, but I'm a tad bit glad I skipped Smackdown, I don't like Daniel Bryan and Kane so much that I want to see the whole show literally revolve around them in the way the WWE orbits John Cena.

Also how are any other tag teams going to get over if the only time they will ever get is getting the shit kicked out of them by Kane and Daniel Bryan? The only way anyone will score a win is through the 'they hate eachother' gimmick but otherwise despite this, they can and will go over every other established team and are likely a shoo in for a lengthy reign.

I just don't like how it looks so far, but I don't hate the two by any stretch of the imagination. I just think some moderation would keep them from getting stale, the more air time they get, the more likely they (creative) will run out of things for them to do.

Originally Posted by Shawn Morrison View Post
And..? They were entertaining and no one felt it was too much, it was an awesome sort of to much. Sometimes some episodes are based on just some superstars because of how over they are. A Bit like one episode where Kane and Undertaker were attacking everyone after their match. They are more memorable episodes than usual ones, so anyone who complains isn't making sense.
Well the problem is that no one else will get the chance to be built up. I personally am more worried that WWE will do this more often in a bid to milk them for more ratings but at the expense of Kane and Bryan, thus when they run out of shit for them to do and the fans find themselves bored with creatives lack of ideas/innovation to keep the crowd entertained they'll just put some other team over and they'll be back to doing nothing. Or that's what I worry about atleast, and it may or may not happen, but honestly would it suprise you?

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