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Re: The *Memories* Thread

Good thread K.

When Medo pretended to be an Egpytian Singer laying over a Piano.
When RockBottom3:16 was exposed as someone who watched dad on son porn and admitted to ejaculating into his sisters knickers.
When myself and STUFF revived the dead GFX section with our Paint thread (made the section mods MAD)
AMP's BTB (made the section mods MAD)
Killswitch 4 Smod
Interactions with a drunk Andy 3000.
Nolo King trolling the entire forum for years with one word.
Cerbs first mental breakdown (mocked for his internet relationship)
Cerbs second mental breakdown (declaring it was FACT that Metallica > Beatles, then being destroyed by the entire Music section).
Cerbs third mental breakdown (failed thread about the WF/WCF teddy)
Cerbs fourth mental breakdown (personal insults towards bruteshot, perma-banned again)
Cerbs begging PM to Rajah to be unbanned.
Lorraine Foster.
xTOMx giving me an infraction for asking him why he couldn't construct a coherent sentence.
xTOMx then writing user notes on my profile crying to David to have me banned.
Headliner banning me because it was his birthday.
Platt banning me for calling Adam Lashley a jobber.
Platt banning me for calling Rush a rep whore.
JM banning me for asking what else there is to do in Pakistan besides terrorism, Bin Laden found in Pakistan during my ban.
Break The Walls mental breakdown (RAPE)
MNMITTEAMONSCENE/MMA's mental breakdown.
Keep It Fresh abusing Aussie, me getting the blame and a permanent ban before I was vindicated by WCW.
Most WCW posts.
Paul "The Great" Wright
Various idiots (Feel the Fire, Team Technical, Rits, Rock Bottom)
David being exposed as a stalker (paedo?)
Destiny becoming a Smod, deleting the log of posts he made insulting VS, being deposed and banned the next day.
Staff going on strike, saying they would still ban anyone who broke the rules during the strike (fail)
GFX Help Team
Certs campaign to be dumpster mod.
Austin 101 having a mental breakdown over Wrestler of the Year 1997
Austin 101 having a mental breakdown over Savage not being inducted into the HoF.
Austin 101's ratings list of over 700 matches, including matches that were from before he was born that were never aired.
Austin 101 telling LOU BALLER to jump off a cliff for rating a Foley match too low.
Austin 101 saying Nancy Benoit deserved to die because she might have been planning something worse.
Austin 101 saying he's been laid 4 times (not bad for 22).
Austin 101 writing a 100 page blog on a Stone Cold DVD in the dead Blog section.
Austin 101 making a 2 sentence entry in the debate league, then being trashed by i$e.
Austin 101 on suicide watch.
Near faking his own death to avoid payments on another forum.
NAS spending all his money on memberships for other users.
bruteshot (RIP)
Craig's sluts.
Unlimited Rep weekend.
Lady Croft loving baby oil, living in the sanctuary of sin.
Diesel whoring himself for Rep on a daily basis.
DPETE paying for rep.
DPETE stealing one of i$e's sigs and using it on the Basketball forum.
Tell the Truth 2007-2009
Steven L (Lawls) taking his top off on webcam.
Doddsy's homemade wrestling videos (lmao).
CM Skittle calling DPG "a whale with fat girl tits" and getting PYP closed.
CM Skittle telling Lexie to go deepthroat a banana.
Beatles thread w/ The Lady Killer, Sgt.Pepper, Daredevil_Jeff, Don Corleone, others.
Mass MSN conversations.
People cheating in Mafia via MSN conversations.
Dumbest post of all time? Though it's only a year old.
DVD/Ratings Thread from 2007-2009 being the only thread in the WWE section worth viewing.
ERTS CONNECTION (Seb, Certs, Ownage, Alcoholic, Seabs as an honourable member)
Enigma hacking Skittle's Photobucket.
Enigma Clan (lmao)
GA's multiple trolling accounts (Soccer Mom, Monkey with a White Flag, He Hate Me, etc)
Smilies (Recent, but a GOAT addition)
People crying for years for Search, VS introduces Blogs instead.
When I could knock idiots down multiple bars before Rep was nerfed.
Any Monty post were he completely ripped into someone/annihilated their argument.
When Sephiroth wasn't making constant threads in the Video Games section with shitty 'quirky' titles in a desperate attempt to get on the staff.
That weird BTB mod who had a sig of him snogging some girl (Grendel or something?)
The old, superior member bars.
sXe claiming to have seen Croft on webcam.
sXe changing his name to WALLABEN.
sXe thinking KALOUDA was a player.
Bruce "one good song" Springsteen.
rdlviper declaring "paid members actually matter", and his blog.
GFX PPV's w/ Myself and Rush written in as commentators.

Probably forgetting loads.

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Whatever happened to Boss Holt?
Who cares. Never liked him.

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