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Re: The *Memories* Thread

Epic post from Issac (or Isaac). That dick.

Fuck. The NoDQ/WEF merge. That shit was weak. There were literally three good poster from that site. A waste of breathe from that site. Actually, it might have just been this one dude; http://www.wrestlingforum.com/141211-mr-crowley.html

Let's see. Once upon a time, the lady-likes such as Cowie, Dalestate_Diva, Shady's sister, Chelsea, and some UK chick run the show here. Fuck if I can remember her name...AleXx? Soemthing like that. The fascination with Chelsea was epic. I guess the stalking of shady's sister was something too, but Chelsea apparently had her topped (). The pictures she posted...the hate she received. The boners she popped. The night she was all hopped on drugs, and sent pics to The_Deaner (and me, Cody, and Ernesto). Ooops. Do never trust. Shame those ended up on WF. Sad I missed that legendary e-fight. There probably should be a behind-the-scenes type show about this 'clique'. So much shit underneath.

- A-Dust and Flash. Who I always confused as the same person. Though Flash posted more. A-Dust was more robotic in posting style.

- I remember when GA wasn't a ......, actually entertaining to read.

- JSnakeJ. This dude spoke like he was some early 20 year old with swag. He was like 14. No swag. On a related note, his buddy from (the deceased) WS, CeS, was a ....... Just sayin'.

- So many established elites when I got active on WF in 2005. The likes of Kliqster, OlympicZero, Nitemare, Kaneanite, Babyboy, BreakdownV1, ChristopheR, LK (the best looking dude to ever grace WEF/WF forums), I_aM_sLaM...

Due to such a influx of elite non-wrestling posters, both the Anything and Rants sections were GOLD.

I'm bad with memories. I will have to think back about some shit...

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