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Re: Official Tennis Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Zankman Jack View Post
In no order:
1. He looks, without using harsh words like ugly and disgusting (and I don't think that), goofy and... "stupid".
2. I dislike his playstyle, very, very much. Blargh.
3. I dislike his attitude a lot of times (though, tennis players often show different behaviors).
4. Every time I see his mother in the stands I'm just like "God dammit, I hate her even though there is no logical explanation for that statement".
5. Every time he wins/celebrates a(n) victory/important point I just feel like he is the "most evil person on the planet"; I don't hate anyone, but I dislike him a lot and I despise seeing him win/celebrate.

So, he is utterly unappealing: looks, playstyle and behavior, everything. Again, he is unappealing to me, in a very spite-inducing way though.
I can't think of anyone besides Stepanek for who I feel the same way.

I like some players, I like a few a lot, and to most I am just neutral, unbiased and objective.
Murray, however, I just... Despise.

Besides his home country fans, friends and family, I can't wrap my head around the fact that anybody else would actually like him.
Originally Posted by NathWFC View Post
Andy Murray can fuck himself. The man is one of the most dislikeable, rude, miserable, moaning, over hyped sportsmen in history. Even in his interview just now having got into the Wimbledon final he's coming across as nothing but miserable and rude, as usual.

I also despise the way the English public treat him as if he's one of our own, he's not, he's Scottish. We wouldn't root for a Scotsman in any other sport and I find it incredibly cringey the way the public rim Andy Murray purely because we haven't got any good English players of our own any more. So, so fucking sad.

Can't wait to see the GOAT destroy the cunt in the final.
Originally Posted by NathWFC View Post
My post wasn't miserable, I'm far from a miserable person, what I am is a passionate person and I was simply making my opinion on the guy crystal clear, unfortunately when it comes to Andy Murray I find it difficult to refrain from swearing and insults, such is my intense dislike for the man.

And what a convenient excuses for his awful manners - "he's not comfortable in front of the camera" and it's because "he doesn't act like a comedian", what utter, utter bull. Do you think every other player on the tour is perfectly comfortable on camera? No, so why is it only Murray that comes across the way he does? Him being "comfortable on camera" or not is absolutely no excuse for his constant rude, ungracious behaviour, and you don't have to be a "comedian" to come across well.
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