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Re: Nationalism and Patriotism are fucking retarded.

Originally Posted by GlassBreaks View Post

You OP have proven numerous times that you are simply too stupid to talk about these things because you don't know a damn thing or you just fail at trolling.
You call yourself an atheist but you shoot at Islam whenever you can. Real atheist rejects the belief in God, you are just an Islamophob. Real atheists respect the opinion of other people who believe in God just like real christians or muslims respect the other religions. So you fail at this one.

You call Islam a bad religion when it comes to threatment of women but you threat a woman bad because of a hair band.

You started this silly thread with "Egypt did great things but it's bullshit to call myself great only because I'm also from Egypt" and later you posted "Actually I am not a real Egyptian because I am actually from Kuwait"
If you are not really from Egypt why the fuck do you post this about Egypt anyway if you have no connection to this country?

The bullshit continues "people praise Egypt as great but for me it's a shithole" only later to post "Egypt is actually not a shithole. I meant it a shithole compared to where I want to live"

You didn't stop posting shit like "people saying their country is great is reatarded because everybody is an individual" only to post later "If I ever move somewhere it would be Canada because I heard this country is great for people like me"
WFT? I thought stuff like "this country is great" doesn't exist for you? But hey I stopped taking you seriously for a long time

The crap continues, when you don't know what to post anymore you come up with "I never said I have disrespect for people who love their countries" when you start this rant how people who love their country are stupid. Best example how you are full of shit.

You don't like it in your country and you think you can compare yourself with people who like where they live and you think you can tell them if patriotism is retarded. That is like if a virgin tries to explain to a couple that true love and orgasm is just a myth.

Admit it, you choosed the username Gandhi because you wanted to have a gimmick of someone who enlights the people here what is right and what not. The only problem is that the Gandhi gimmick is not for you because you are dumb as fuck because you are too stupid to discuss if the CM Punk promo was real or not and you want talk about religion, patriotism and nationalism?
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