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Re: Why all the hate on Sheamus?

because he isn't that good... at anything. he is over, but he got over with corny jokes, superman booking and having a goofy look that kids like. it's not impressive. a LOT of people can do it.

his matches are predictable. there's literally no point to watching a Sheamus match ever again as long as he's WHC. sure he'll lose it eventually, but it won't be worth going through the pain of watching basically the same match happen over and over and over and over. he's getting pushed ridiculously fucking hard because he works out with Triple H, so of course he's going to hold the title for what will seem like forever. every single match, he gets his arm worked on, thrown into the ring post, only to do the white noise out of nowhere, pound his chest and win with a Brogue Kick. people like to shit all over ADR for not getting a reaction, but anytime he does manage to get a reaction and get on a roll, his momentum is fucking raped by Super Saiyan Sheamus. why would anyone give a flying fuck about ADR when everyone knows he's basically Sheamus' personal bitch for the last 6 months?

but that's not the point. the superman booking is out of control. it seriously has to fucking stop. you've built him up to be so fucking indestructible, damn near Cena levels if not worse, just have him fucking lose one time. his record since winning the title is out of this world. having him lose or tap out just ONCE when he's been put in an armbar for a collective 2 weeks straight isn't going to do irreversible damage to him. it's not going to be a devastating blow to have Sheamus lose. for fucks sake, he's made ADR and Daniel Bryan tap out. he's been knocked the fuck out by ADR's headkick like 4 or 5 times, a car hood slammed on his head, beaten by a gang of people, beaten by hired goons, cross armbreaker'd off the stage like 3 times, and he doesn't give a shit. one of my favorite moments of Super Sheamus was when ADR and Ricardo beat the shit out of him after ADR obviously lost at MiTB or whatever it was. Sheamus lays there limp, presumably out cold and Ziggler comes out to cash in his MITB. Sheamus no-sells the beating he just took and the multiple beatings hes taken over the last few months and revives instantly and Brogue Kick's Ziggler. absolutely no point for that to happen.it's become a chore to watch anything Sheamus related. corny and fucking generally brutal on the mic, passable in the ring but has no fucking stamina whatsoever.

he's just shit to be quite honest with you.
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