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Default Re: Nationalism and Patriotism are fucking retarded.

Originally Posted by CMWit View Post
So will you kick her in the twat if she kicks you in the balls? Sounds like a plan serial killer in process keep telling yourself all thsi shit and when you end up getting your ass handed to you by someone who does not beleive in hitting women. You know who hit women, pussies. Just sayin'
It depends,If its all for jokes by a friend I wouldn't mind and I'd let it slide.However if its a bitch literally attacking me I'd atleast punch her in the gut or something or atleast push her to the ground and let her know not to fuck around with me,No I'm not joking.

Pussies? Men who bully women? Sure,But men who fight "back" are in no way pussies.This kind of talk is why in today's society women get away with all kinds of shit to men sometimes.Congrats on helping the cause bro.
Feminism has never been about equality. Not since day 1. All the poor schmucks who are out there defending it claiming "there are some extreme feminists". No, the whole movement has always been a lie. They didn't want votes for all women. Just the rich. There were more men in the suffrage movement than women. They wanted to vote too & many didn't. When they handed out feathers to shame men into going to war, how was that about equality? Sending boys as young as 14 off to die while they sat at home furious they couldn't vote to send'em?. Modern feminism's even worse. Its bothered about more females driving trains than men losing their kids forever or being duped in paternity fraud. What kind of selfish devious movement is that?
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