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Default Re: Nationalism and Patriotism are fucking retarded.

Originally Posted by CMWit View Post
The hippy part was a joke my best friend has long hair and I call him hippy on a daily basis, so settle down cheif.

So as far as the girl who picks on you suck it up buttercup, she is a fucking girl, what a cool guy you must be. You seem to ahve some major issues with the opposite sex, between this little example you provided and you thread on feminism, and your recent post in the woman poisned man thread, where all you said was I imagined this in reverse, so you imagined poisoning a woman? You may want to seek help as these are some startling revelations and I for one fear for that girl who picks on you at school
I'm am settled,I just thought it was funny you called me a hippy lol.

I'm guessing you treat women the same way you treat children,I'll just to stick to treating them as adults.I give special treatment to nobody but children,Women are not children.I'm not saying violence is good,But getting kicked in the balls and just "letting it go" isn't that cool either.

I have nothing against women buddy,Feminism has just done fine on separating the sexes and making both women and men miserable just fine.All the women I know think feminism is a load of garbage and I happen to agree with them because thats what it is really.Most women who think feminism is about equality don't really know who the first feminists were and what their goals were.
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