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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Beyond Wrestling ďDouble TroubleĒ

Eric Corvis, Jonny Mangue, Chase Burnett, Zane Silver vs. The Pitboss, Matthew Justice, dany only, Stryknyn:**3/4
This is my first time watching Beyond and also my first time seeing any of these men besides maybe Team Beyond who I may have seen once. That being said this was a pretty decent match. They started off with all out brawling and that helped get the crowd involved which is the goal of an opener, get the crowd excited. Mangue I guess is a guy who is going to get to show his stuff off in some other companies working for Wrestling is Fun! so I wish I saw more of what he could do in this match. Matthew Justice was pretty impressive to me but Chase Burnett and Silver seemed like some spot monkey tag. Maybe I need to see more of them to get a fair judgment.

[B]Submission Squad vs. Arik Cannon, Darin Corbin, Christian Rose: **[/B}
]Wasnít doing it for me. It had the traditional Corbin slow motion sequence but that was the highlight of the match. Fifteen minutes I guess was just too long for these guys to keep things interesting.

Remi Wilkins, Dale Patricks, Heidi Loveface vs. Reed Bentley, Tripp Cassidy, Nate Stone: **3/4
There was quite a bit to like about this match. I have seen a couple reviews down on this match but hey maybe I am overrating it but I DON'T CARE.School-of-Roc has gotten a few showcases all around but this was my first time seeing 5/6 guys. Saw Tripp at the CHIKARA Syracuse show but he was in it for about 4 minutes so didnít get a whole lot from it. Really liked the story here. Tripp and Reed were heeling it up, clearly not wanting Stone on their team. Speaking of Stone he looked pretty decent for the little bit I saw of him. Reed and Trippís interactions with Heidi were equal parts disgusting and great with them throwing their ball sweat in her face and Reed having a pin attempt on Heidi with his lower region right by her face. Good stuff. That format also helped the match not feel stagnant.

Davey Vega & Eric Ryan vs. Kentucky Buffet vs. Hooligans: ***1/4
Good match right here. Pretty spotty but I donít care. Everyone looked good. You get 6 young talented performers together and they just went out there and put on a good show. Hooligans are chubby highlander guys who were doing moonsaults and running at their opponents a mile a minute. Not like they were trying to put on anything massive but they put on a real good fast pace exciting midcard match.

Mark Angel vs. Drew Gulak:***1/2
Weird seeing Angel outside of CHIKARA. Honestly never seen a Drew Gulak match but he for sure made a fan out of me. Angel is real damn good at being a heel. He just beats up Gulak for quite a bit of the match but does what not a lot of wrestlers can do, make a workover segment entertaining. After seeing Gulak I want to see him face one of the guys higher on the independent wrestling totem pole. Besides the BS finish this was a damn fine match. But the BS finish means that it isnít over so maybe they can top this match down the line.

Johnny Gargano vs. ACH: ***1/2
Hell of a fun match right here. Gargano played the veteran seeming like he studied a little more than ACH for this. ACH was able to counter a few of Garganoís moves, such as the spear through the ropes, but Gargano had plenty of stuff scouted and looked ready for it, such as ACHís running over from behind-kicking-the-guy-then-coming-back-to-kick-the-guy-in-the-face thing. ACH is hot right now and though Iím not sure how his ROH match went but I can only expect that the sky is the limit for him. These guys are almost guaranteed to face each other again somewhere down the line and whenever it wherever it does I hope we get a clean finish so we can have an even better match.

#KOA vs. Slaughterhouse: **1/2
A match with okay wrestling and decent comedy. Favorite part of the match had to be when ďI Believe I Can FlyĒ came one. I was like ďSPACE JAMĒ. Didnít quite have the payoff I wanted though. This went on over 20 minutes which hurt things considerably. There just wasnít enough interesting stuff going on. You could still have had comedy and some Slaughterhouse killer moments and had it be closer to 15 minutes with it all coming off better.

Dan Walsh vs. Rickey Shane Page:**3/4
This match is for the St.Louis Anarchy Championship. So this match got 7 minutes. I donít understand at all. Take 5 minutes off the last match and add it here. These guys went all out. RSP goes over the top to hit Walsh before the match even starts. They then proceed to beat eachother up on the outside using chairs. Walsh even suplexes RSP through 4 arranged chairs. First time I have ever seen Walsh and I still donít know what to think. RSP on the other hand still impresses the hell out of me. Feels like St.Louis Anarchy got shafted hear cause this could have been a really good match for them but instead is a match that will just be seen as one that didnít get a lot of time. Nothing more and nothing less. Which is a shame. Not saying it would have set the world on fire by any means but it at least could have competed with any of the other best matches on this card.

Johnny Cockstrong vs. RD Evans:***1/4
Went on a tad too long but I was never bored so that is saying something right there. RD Evans is a wrestling GAWD! His mannerisms are just impressive. He works Cockstrongís midsection for about the entire match. Cockstrong when he got offense in tried to lean with the cock (a strategy that I donít know why isnít used more). Cockstrong was a great FIP for RD Evans fantastic heel work. And I was buying into the false finishes because they didnít go crazy with them. Loved how it ended to. Felt like that big move to finish the match a year in the making.

OVERALL: REALLY fun show. Never had seen Beyond Wrestling before and I've heard this doesn't quite have the Beyond feel but I dug a lot of it. With some shows you have extremely high exceptions and you just get incredibly disappointed. Didn't have any coming in so this surpassed them in some respects. I didn't think this would be a blow away ACH vs. Gargano match just yet in their careers. Yet Angel vs. Gulak caught me by surprise. A lot of different stuff here which really made everything enjoyable without comparing it to any other match on the show. Didn't have a blow away MOTYC but a smaller show doesn't really need to. Just consistent funness will do the trick. I would say if you have the spare money their could be worse purchases for sure.
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