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re: NFL Thread: Week 4 - RIP Steve Sabol GOAT - Anyone see that GB/Sea game?

Originally Posted by MrMister View Post

Genesis, how is Eli mentally stronger than Cam Newton?
Ugh. Do we really have to do this, MM? You have a well known & patented dislike of Eli, who you think tends toward being lucky instead of good.

Fact of the matter is Eli is Tim Tebow but he can actually play the QB position & at an elite level. He's shown time & time again that he can immerse himself fully in amnesia after some horrid plays, quarters, halves & come back to produce. Look at any documentary from anyone that's coached & they consistently say one of the hardest things for a QB to do & one of the qualities of the great QBs is the ability to forget bad plays/mistakes & come back that next play, that next quarter, & deliver at a level that overshadows the former.

It's what he does, what he's done over a span of years now & last Sunday was just the most recent example. After turning in a 3 INT half that gave the Bucs an 11 point leave in one half, guy comes out of the tunnel drops 295 in the 2nd half & leads his team to a W.

Not just anyone can pull out these types of games consistently & look at the rest of his team, he's rubbed off on them. They trust & rely on the guy to get them out of whatever, that's why even with that terrible half, you still had guys like Tuck, JPP, & Cruz calmly stating that they'd been here before & they still feel good about the game. Eli owns that team, there certainly aren't many QBs that can say that, the Rings also lend him a certain amount of credence, that's the proof around their fingers.

As to Cam? It's not a knock, guy's just now in his 2nd year, there's no way you can expect him to have that hardened mentality in less than 2 full seasons. That comes through experience so by pure virtue of TIME, he's not there yet. Can't blame the man for when he came into the League.

Now, I feel sullied enough having to espouse the positives of another QB, so I'll close with:

Fuck the Giants & the rest of the NFL not named the Baltimore Ravens.

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