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Re: Nationalism and Patriotism are fucking retarded.

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
You still think I envy people from having pride in their countries? You just keep trying to delude yourself with all kinds of shit to try and make yourself feel better.Why should I be proud of a country in the first place whatever my country does is not my achievements,When Egypt won the African cup 3 times in a row every Egyptian celebrated and all I cared about was that the better team won I don't give a fuck which country wins I just like soccer.
I don't think you envy people who are patriots, I think you are unable to know what patriotism is. To envy for example somebody who has a girlfriend you need first to know that it's great to be in a relationship.

Why are you no longer a muslim? You say you are an ex muslim because Islam shits on women.
So let me get this straight. You say it's retarded that some Little Jimmy in Texas has a connection to a basketball player, scientist or musician only because they are also Americans but it's alright for you to turn your back on Islam because you feel that you will always have a connection to the prophet Muhammad, some nutcase who kills someone or your crazy neighbour who beats his wife because he believes that Islam allows him to do that? In your case it is allowed because you have a connection in a negative way but it's retarded for other people to have a connection because it is in a positive way?

If it's retarded for the current generation to be proud to be an American because they haven't accomplished anything great but why was there a need for you to no longer be a muslim because you personally haven't done anything bad?
Why is it retarded for someone being proud to be Canadian just because they have a reputation of being great people but you can say that you are no longer a muslim because they have a reputation of threating women bad.

And just in case if you start with the "don't compare nationalism and patriotism with religion", I did because also in religion you are connected to your "brothers" and that makes you someone who contradicts himself.
You are no longer muslim because you are ashamed of some things that you never did personally but you can not understand why some people are proud of their country because they also never did personally. Makes no sense.
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