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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Jack Evans 187 View Post
Got tired of watching a lot of mediocre Puro, so I decided to pop in the Best PPV Matches of 2011 Blu Ray and rewatch some stuff that I haven't seen since the live PPV. Check it:

World Heavyweight Championship - No Holds Barred
Christian (c) vs. Randy Orton (Summerslam)

Pretty much loved this one when it first aired, but I'll admit I was a bit intoxicated so I couldn't exactly pay attention to the details of the match. This time around I still enjoyed it, but it's not quite on the MOTYC level like I thought. First off, Orton seriously needs to be a heel now. No one cares about him being a face, just let him be what he naturally is. When that guy turns it on, he fucking goes HARD. Those punches in the corner were vicious. Match had some pretty nice nearfalls with Orton's jacknife pin and Christian's Killswitch. Really liked everything about this, except the last 3 or 4 minutes. Total squash city. Loved the idea of having Orton's temper go nuts again and this time he could actually do what he wanted, but shit, Christian just got pissed on big time. Didn't really ruin the match but I can't rate it any higher because of it. I think Orton's street fight with Cody from SmackDown was little better than this one. *** 3/4

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Mark Henry (Night of Champions)

On first watch on this one I thought it was pretty decent, honestly thought Henry dragged it down and putting the title on him was a TERRIBLE idea, but, this time I liked it a lot more. Liked how they Orton sorta tiptoe around him in the early going and had him play the underdog. Loved how Orton could throw everything at Henry and then with one swipe or kick from the big man, Orton would be layed out. Henry took all of Orton's offense very nicely, all the DDTs and dropkicks looked really good. What made this stand out was how dominant Henry was in the end, putting Orton away with ease it seemed. Plus that post match promo. HOLY SHIT. No joke, gave me chills. What an awesome reign he'd go on. Bring this man back immediately to feud with Cena! You know, NOC is a bit of a sleeper PPV from last year. I enjoyed this, really enjoyed Cena/Del Rio, plus there's that main event... ***

No Disqualification
CM Punk vs. Triple H (Night of Champions)

I really liked this one last year, but this time around, legit loved it. You can just feel the hatred between them for damn near the entire match. Started off hot and heavy and had this big match feel to it. The brawling was top notch and none of the spots felt played out or predictable (besides the top rope elbow, but that's always predictable). I know a lot of people didn't like the overbooking for the finish, but I really didn't have a problem with it. It added a ton of drama and entertainment to the match and gave it this attitude era feel imo. Dug this one through and through, worthy main event and probably somewhere in the top 10 for WWE's MOTYC. This was everything that Brock/Trips should've been. ****
Orton/Christian ****1/2
Orton/Henry didn't watch
Punk/HHH ***1/2
Brock/HHH ****1/4

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