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Re: The best and the worst 11'ers and 12'ers

Originally Posted by R.K.O Peep View Post
Didn't want serious answers lol. Still it was off topic though . Also that is nice. If you don't like don't read. Go back to the Wwe section were you are a very good poster. I ain't trying to fit in with anyone lol. I post what I want in rants and you heard is an idiot. Trolled by him? Yeah I doubt you know what trolling is. I am laughing at how sad he is.

I ain't claiming to be a great poster. What I post on rants is me having a laugh and if you don't like it don't read or put me on ignore. Same goes to snow.
I check out Rants now and again to see if any funny threads are made (the burial of KentonBomb the other day was hilarious in that fat girl rant of his). But most of time lately, a rant is made, the first couple of pages are good, then I check the rant a few hours later and it's 15 pages long. Why? Because it's full of off-topic crap posted by the same few posters all the time, it ruins the rants. I haven't been here that long, but around the first few months of this year there were good rants made on a consistent basis, now a good rant is rarity and even if a good one occurs, these newer posters ruin it with they're desperate attempts to be funny and fit in.

You_Heard trolls you guys and you fall for it every time. He baits you for pages and pages and it's sad to see 20 pages of a thread ruined because you're letting someone troll you like crazy.

But thanks for calling me a good poster, I didn't think you thought that with the way you disagree with me a lot and red rep me, but it's appreciated.

Originally Posted by Jobberwacky View Post
I guess i can forgive you for calling me JEbber and not JObber, seeing as i haven't been putting much effort into posting lately. I didn't expect my name to come up at all, so the fact it did, albeit wrongly spelled, is very nice of you, thanks. Think i might have to put some more effort in again now.

I would name some people too, they know who they are, i love you all. Plus i haven't got the best memory and i would have to look up and spell everybody's names right seeing as i brought it up first
Yeah, you're a good poster. But as you point out, you haven't posted much lately so it's understandable to forget. The list I posted was just off the top of my head, but if I thought about it for longer I could name more good posters and you're one of them. The WWE section isn't as bad as people make it out to be, sure there's bad posters, but there's bad posters here in Rants too as I've addressed, and there's often good posters that balance out the bad and you can have many intelligent discussions with people if you just ignore the trolls/bad posters.

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