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Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
Yes but that's because you made a shitty rant about gift ideas and advice (not really the section to put it in if you wanted serious answers) so I thought I'd post that to make the thread more interesting, but guess what? That was my only post in the thread. I don't post non-stop off-topic ramblings all the time like you, Anderson, RevolverSnake, BULLY, etc do that drags out pointless rants to ridiculous number of pages. That's why the Bad Blood rant is so long. The majority of the that thread was complete trash. And if your not posting stupid ramblings that ruin rant threads, you're getting trolled by posters like You_Heard? which is hilarious to read. You and some of the other posters I mentioned try so desperately to fit into this little rant clique here, and try to get accepted by some of the old members of this site, it's not even funny, worthless posts.
Didn't want serious answers lol. Still it was off topic though . Also that is nice. If you don't like don't read. Go back to the Wwe section were you are a very good poster. I ain't trying to fit in with anyone lol. I post what I want in rants and you heard is an idiot. Trolled by him? Yeah I doubt you know what trolling is. I am laughing at how sad he is.

I ain't claiming to be a great poster. What I post on rants is me having a laugh and if you don't like it don't read or put me on ignore. Same goes to snow.

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