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Re: Nationalism and Patriotism are fucking retarded.

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
I didn't really "beat her up" you know that,Yeah I felt good that her cried without me having to do much since she really is a bitch.Though I won't hide I'm the kind of guy that would slap a woman back if they slap me.If you think I'm a dick because I did that to that girl I'm guessing you're into all this chivarly bullshit thats basically "I deserve special treatment like a kid for having a vagina".Its not that I'm a dick,I just don't take shit from people when they cross the line with me.

You still think I envy people from having pride in their countries? You just keep trying to delude yourself with all kinds of shit to try and make yourself feel better.Why should I be proud of a country in the first place whatever my country does is not my achievements,When Egypt won the African cup 3 times in a row every Egyptian celebrated and all I cared about was that the better team won I don't give a fuck which country wins I just like soccer.
I get that she took one of your possessions which is uncool. However at the end of the day it's just a hair band. Why not just get another one? If you admitted you were wrong for hurting a girl and felt bad about it, that would be fine. But to laugh about it afterwards, just shows what a weak piece of shit you are.

This isn't about you not having pride in your country or it's achievements, rather why can't you accept that others do. You've already admitted that you don't like it in your country and rather be somewhere else, so that is where your whole stinking mindset comes from. You just strike me as someone who isn't comfortable in their own skin and want everyone else to be as miserable as you.

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