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Re: WWE: The Cult's Way

JAM's Review

Kidd/Ziggler was a good match to open up the show. It was a good back and forth contest but the right man won here. But I hope that you don't leave out Kidd since he's extremely talented in the ring and he's decent on the mic. If you build on him more, he'll definitely be a major player in this thread. The cage match was pretty brutal but you'd expect that from Bryan and Orton. Good touch having AJ be a factor in this match at the end with her costing Bryan the match. Don't think they're done yet since I think you could still go other routes with this feud and make it even more personal, but that's up to you. As for the pre-show match, I didn't really understand Show's interruption, maybe you could've done something else than cost Brodus the match, but we'll see what you can do with that feud. An interesting exchange between Steph and Kelly, maybe she ultimately costs HHH the match so he can retire? Also, that was a pretty creative thing you did there with the holograms, I'm not sure how WWE would've pulled that off but it's possible, good thinking on your part.

A zipline entrance? I gotta say that's pretty cool but for the tag team champs? I don't know. I do like that you're pushing them very hard as they're quite the team. But I also like that you're keeping Rey and Sin Cara as a team since they're so exciting, could be in for a big push for Sin Cara. The right team definitely won here. Your tag team division is looking pretty good, just need to add maybe one more solid team. You've got PTP, Usos, Rey/Cara, Reks/Hawkins, Primo/Epico already so it's shaping up to be really good. The match between Barrett/Jericho is match of the night for me so far. Loved everything about it. They “Falls Count Anywhere” really worked well for Barrett and I was quite surprised. Was thinking that Jericho would be the one with that advantage but Barrett really took it to Jericho. A solid match and what an ending. Barrett should be higher up on the card pretty soon.

So I guess the Kane/Del Rio feud will carry on which isn't a bad thing. Del Rio has been good in the midcard, you should keep him there for a bit. Hell, don't make him touch the main event scene. Poor Ricardo here, would be interesting if you had a feud with Del Rio and Rodriguez. I think Ricardo can actually wrestle so it's a possibility. It's gonna be interesting to see how you write Kofi as a heel since he's been a face his entire career. Plus you have AW who could do wonders for Kofi here, so I'm real interested in how you write him. The WWE Title Match was another great match, but I'll still take Barrett/Jericho as match of the night. Interesting finish there with Punk winning unknowingly. Reminds me of the finish at Night of Champions. Anyway, all three men looked really good. I hope you have plans for Sheamus and Miz since they belong in the main event.

Like I said in an earlier thread, any feud brewing in the divas division is a step forward from what it was. Especially if the women embroiled in that feud is Layla and Beth, they're probably the top divas right now so they could have a pretty good feud if given the time. Hmm, tough to beat but I think the main event is now the match of the night. There were plenty of spots just like in the Barrett/Jericho match, it was quite enjoyable. I'm pretty shocked to see Cody make an appearance, was quite random to be honest. Don't know if it'll pan out in the end, we'll just have to see. Having Cena lose is big, so I'm interested to see how you handle that situation. A kidnapping!? No idea who this could be and if anyone would actually want Kelly back. A lot of questions arise after the main event, pretty good cliffhanger.

Overall, was a decent PPV bro. I was quite impressed with your writing skills and how everything was presented. The presentation was nice and so were the graphics. You've definitely improved as a writer and I can see nothing but good things for you in the future. Good job with this bro, keep it up!

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