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Re: Christian Recovering From Shoulder Surgery

Originally Posted by DesolationRow View Post
So Christian and WWE thought, "Well, I'm taking time off, anyway... Why not get this fixed?" Not at all surprising, considering everything. It's almost like Cena having his elbow and arm surgery for bone spurs right at the beginning of the six-week break in pay-per-views, it's simply ideal timing to get something done to fix one's body some.
It's plausible but with the Cena elbow surgery, WWE.com is giving fans daily updates on his recovery time. If the same thing happened with Christian and he had surgery requiring a few weeks off, I think that WWE.com would have mentioned it or at least written him out in storylines. Christian was on camera once since SummmerSlam and his injury was barely made in passing. Usually, WWE doesn't ignore absences and they completely ignored Christian's. He's a big enough name that something would have been said and a timeline of return would have been estimated. Also, it took a month for his shoulder surgery to surface and a week after his Smackdown appearance? That's a very unusual length of time for an obvious injury to go unreported. The ankle injury is easy to hide with a brace, but the shoulder is harder to get away with.

Which again, leads me to think that this is all a big storyline. Creative had to come up with a way to keep him off TV until mid/late October so they are trying ways to get people talking about Christian without really making anything official. I'm usually not a fan of the it's a work excuse, but it seems like that's exactly what is happening. Just like Matt Morgan worked an angle of his absence with TNA online, I could easily see WWE working an angle with a missing Christian. Which is in line with what Wrestling News World has reported everytime a reason for Christian's absense is leaked. They've continued to hold the position that WWE is trying to minimize Christian's impact in TNA and come up with reasons to sell the fans and TNA on his prolonged absence and yet this source hasn't been published elsewhere yet.

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