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Re: Christian Recovering From Shoulder Surgery

Originally Posted by Evolution View Post
He's getting pretty old, think it's about time for him to hang up the boots soon.
It seems that way. He's starting to fall apart. All of those TLC matches, all of the wrestling in general for so many years, appears to finally be catching up with him in a major way these past couple of years starting with the pec tear almost exactly two years ago right now.

Originally Posted by CaptainObvious View Post
There's been three explanations all from the same source: time off due to a TNA appearance, time off to rest his ankle, and time off for shoulder surgery. And no timetable for return or statement from WWE to support any of these theories.

Someone is having fun with the dirtsheets as all three of these things can't happen at once. Next week he'll be abducted by aliens.
I think all three reasons are true. A house show report from... I think it was early July?... Said Christian was favoring his ankle and hobbled out of the ring a bit, and it didn't seem to be part of the act at all. At certain points following a rather badly injured ankle, the constant swelling of the ankle combined to continual wear and tear following injury necessitates some time off or at least a good deal of caution in dealing with it. The time worked well in relation to his TNA appearance, as Vince kind of wanted him off WWE television leading into that, and since Christian was getting some time off to rest and stay away from WWE's shows for a little while, the inflammation and nagging problems in his shoulder was evaluated and determined to require surgery... So Christian and WWE thought, "Well, I'm taking time off, anyway... Why not get this fixed?" Not at all surprising, considering everything. It's almost like Cena having his elbow and arm surgery for bone spurs right at the beginning of the six-week break in pay-per-views, it's simply ideal timing to get something done to fix one's body some.

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