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Strangest Film You've Ever Seen?

Just as the title asks, what are some of the oddest movies you've ever seen? I'm a fan of cheap B movies so I've seen quite a few oddballs. Here's just a few of the strangest:

Hard Rock Zombies - As you can imagine, there's "hard" rock and zombies. A rock band travels to a backwater town and is killed by a strange family only to be brought back to life to exact revenge. Also contains ghouls, 80's music montages, Nazis, rednecks, necrophilia, a knife-wielding wheelchair-bound werewolf granny, octogenarian sex, the worst Psycho tribute I've ever seen, death via weedwhacker, a near-pedophiliac relationship for the main character, octogenarian sex, and Adolf Hitler. Also, a midget eats himself.

Putney Swope - The jive cat Putney Swope accidentally becomes the chairman of an advertising industry. He fires just about everyone and decides to bring morals and standards into the business. It doesn't sound too strange, but this film just has a lot of odd dialogue. Characters will walk around repeating phrases 6 or 7 times, others they'll make off-handed comments that out of context aren't really funny and make even less sense in context, but it works. The US president is a pot smoking midget for some reason who's campaign is funded by a Nazi's car company. I don't get it.

Greaser's Palace - Jesus in a pinstripe suit parachutes down to small old western town run by the evil saloon owner, who suffers from horrible constipation. It gets weirder.

Nazi's at the Center of the Earth - Just from the title you know this one is going to be weird. Certainly enough it has nazis living at the center of the Earth, led by Josef Mengele. But no, the writers went above and beyond, and the final half of this film has nazi zombies digging up through Antartica's crust in a massive swastika-covered UFO piloted by Robo-Hitler and oh my god i cant believe I'm typing this

Any other titles out there? I enjoy this weird movies.
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