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Re: Nationalism and Patriotism are fucking retarded.

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
Not really,I'm not taking pride in something I didn't do.

Because you know everything that happens in my life,Rofl.

But then I'd be lying,Even before I came here I had the same views on this subject I've always seen patriotism as a stupid concept that only separates people.

Its not that its a shithole,I just prefer Kuwait way more.However this has NOTHING to do with my views on this subject,I've been the way I am since forever.I don't follow Kuwaiti heritage or anything,Hell the Kuwaitis I was pals with don't even give a rat's ass about Kuwait.

I only respond with hostility to those who are hostile with me,I don't think I can "hate" especially not somebody on the internet.

You know,If I were Canadian or American people would have taken me more seriously on this subject but ofcourse since I'm Egyptian I just have to be like some fat chick or something that pissed because they're living in the warzone which it isn't.No dude,I'm not jealous of people for loving their countries,I think people being patriotic to ANY country is stupid.

I'm not trying too hard,You people just think I'm trying when all I do is post this crap in seconds.

They don't give the Kuwaiti nationality,I'm 100% not Kuwaiti and so are the majority of the people living in Kuwait who aren't Kuwaiti.Kuwait doesn't give its nationality to anybody even if they are born there.

No,I understand what patriotism is fully but I think its fucking retarded.You pity me? The feeling's mutual tbh.
All I ever read from you is some spin doctor bullshit. You completely ignored every single point that he made and once again, just like you have in every single other argument that you've been in here, danced around responding to his direct points.

Every time I read one of your posts I feel like The Bob's in "Office Space" and just want to ask you, "What would you say you do here?". What would you say you accomplish every time you post and don't respond to the actual points made against you but just give your relative opinion on this bullshit and that bullshit?

Like I said previously, you have a complex where you feel smarter by telling everyone else that they're wrong.

A for effort.

F for quality.
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