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Re: Is WrestleMania possibly the most underwhelming PPV of the year

WrestleMania 28? Nope. Elimination Chamber, Over The Limit, No Way Out were nearly all 1 match shows. With out of those 3 only one really good match, Punk VS Bryan. WrestleMania delivered well. It had 3 big matches. Punk VS Jericho, Taker VS HHH, Rock VS Cena. Rock VS Cena was built up immensely and while the match was slowly paced and lacking, it still had the big stage feel and crowd reactions to help carry it. It was very watchable. Punk VS Jericho, I really hated, I really did, however a large portion of the fan base liked it. It was built mediocre. As for HHH VS Taker. Near-perfection. Absolutely insane matchup. Definitely MOTY for me still. WrestleMania is about big matches, big feuds, we got that.On the undercard we had some new guys. If anything it is after Mania that new talent should be start building up, to be able to be higher on the card the next year(s). You do not throw a half-assedly built talent into a big match against names like Cena/Taker. These matches need well known names, that off big attractions.

For the whole idea of Barrett/Taker, the only time that could ever have been possible is if he was built as a mega-heel as leader of nexus for a full year. Undertaker being the "saviour". However as StarBuck has pointed out, Taker had beaten Shawn Michaels twice. The whole placement of Triple H was the correct selection. As the previous 3 matches all built up to this years "End of an Era". The streak is just placed on a tier above most stars. At this stage the whole streak is above nearly everyone, except Brock Lesnar and John Cena. Rock can be seen there too due to starpower, but with regards who he is and gimmick wise, he just can't fit now.

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