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Re: Is WrestleMania possibly the most underwhelming PPV of the year

We used to have classic matches yearly and then you list 3 from 20 years ago lol. I'm not even talking about classic matches because it's a completely subjective matter. If you don't feel satisfied after paying $60 for the show, assuming that you do and don't stream, then just imagine how, not even disappointed but utterly outraged, the people who paid $2000 to attend would feel if they didn't get at least 1 big match that delivered. Regardless of my own or your personal opinion, for 90% of WWE fans, matches like HBK/Taker, HHH/Taker and Rock/Cena tick the satisfaction box. I don't see how you can claim this years Mania was approached as being just another PPV. HHH/Taker was one of the best built matches we've seen in a long time and was 4 years, you could even argue 20, in the making. Despite it's flaws, Rock/Cena was promoted to death for one full year as well. You can't get a more hyped or promoted top 2 matches than that and for most people, they delivered big time, especially the former.
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