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Re: i$e's Magical Music Megapost

Originally Posted by The Lady Killer View Post
edit OMFG @ the initial vocals. Was not expecting that.
Chino's vocals on that song were amazing. If the rest of the album is going to be that good, it's gonna AOTY.

Originally Posted by Hanoi Cheyenne View Post
No surprise you listened to Darkthrone since Fenriz is the only one who comes out of that doc not looking a complete dickhead, Varg is his typical self, he tends to retrospectively change his philosphy every few years and his ranting was never that interesting/entertaining to begin with (for my money he did make the best music of the whole scene though).
Frost comes across an utter joke, like a parody of a black metal dude, and all the scenes of BMs influence in the art world are serious cringe material.
I grew up on and still love a lot of those records but the amount of retrospective mythologising that scene gets is a little over the top. It's always sold more on the juicy church arson/murder angle than anything.

Dat classic Darkthrone trilogy though
Yeah Fenriz seemed like a guy you could actually enjoy hanging out with. Ugh, Varg. Guy is a total dickhead (although the movie didn't really potray him as one). I read some interviews on his homepage and it's really sad. Burzum still is amazing, tho. The other musicians (two guys of Immortal, Faust & Hellhammer) in the movie didn't have much to say so they were kind of unnecessary. Oh yeah and lol @ Frost. The art show with him at the end was hilarious. DIE COUCH DIE~!

Definitely agree with you on the whole myth thing. Probably always gets talked about first and then the music. However, the first time I heard about those church burnings I remember being scared as fuck.

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