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Re: Nationalism and Patriotism are fucking retarded.

Originally Posted by CMWit View Post
You did try to troll him, he did not ask for your opinion on his girlfriend, you inferred that he thought all middle easterners were barbarians he stated that was no tthe case and you basicaly called his girfriend dumb, that is a fucking pussy troll move, and based on your threads from the last two days I can surmize that you are in fact a troll, suggegsting that people who love thier contries automatically means they are better than others, that is another troll move, so keep on trolling you dumb fuck and grow up a bit and live life and open your mind a bit will ya?
Holy mother of god,Its like people don't even know what trolling is anymore.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
OP just mad because he doesn't like it in the country he's in. This is clearly stated in a portion of his original post which I have quoted:

OP obviously has an inferiority complex and has to justify his mindset with failed logic.
Basically you don't catch on much do you mate? I think they're stupid because most Egyptians are as patriotic as Americans and even more,Ask any Egyptian and they'll give you this "Egypt is the mother of the world" bullshit.

Originally Posted by Crimson 3:16 View Post
And the OP calls himself Gandhi..
OP also has a signature of a cartoon version of Gandhi with a giraffe sticking up his nose...


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