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Re: Brian Lilley: The Muslim riots are not about that shitty YouTube video

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
Don't want to be fucked with?

All muslim sheiks say there will come a day when they infocre sharia law on the world.
The Bible and all Catholic Priests say that if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior then you are going to hell. Catholics and Christians throughout history have been extremely violent religions.

They think you leaving women do whatever they fucking want is displeasing god,
Just like Catholics believing that the Ten Commandments are the alpha and the omega to their religion. What is your point? (I was raised Catholic, by the way)

Your entire way of life "displeases" their god and they plan to end it.
Same can be said about homosexuality and most mass religions.

You think I'm joking? This is how every muslimm thinks,
I know Muslims and this is not how they think.

Or atleast most of them anyway.

If Obama wins for instance,Muslims might rage out that he's allowing gay sex marraige or atleast insult america for allowing it.
So will Catholics and Christians and a whole herd of other religions.

What muslims used to do is based on their fucking religion,
So...where is your outrage towards tribes in Africa that still eat people and rape babies based on their religious beliefs? Maybe we should annihilate all descendants of Africa?

I know its a new age don't give me that mongols shit.
Then why even mention it?

Muslims plan to do all this shit because sharia law states this garbage about making countries either mulim or pay taxes to muslims.

I don't even believe in kharama lulz.
Then why were you the first to mention it?
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